About Me

Hi! My name is Kirill Pavlov, I’m a data scientist and software engeneer. While I’m working on content update, check out my CV, github resume, hackerrank and kaggle.

Some of the longer articles from this blog are duplicated at my medium channel.

My PGP key is on keybase.

I am also doing project Euler tasks, you could track the progress here: Project Euler badge

My name

My first name is “Kirill” and my last name is “Pavlov”. This name came from Greek. One of the inventors of Cyrillic Alpabet is Saint Cyrill, our names are considered the same .

In English my name is pronounced as [k’iriɛl p’avlov]. My Chinese name is 巴吉霖 (bā jí lín).

Contact me

Please use e-mail: k@p99.io. For phone calls, please book a timeslot.